About Us

R8cheats.Ru has been working since 2010 and during that time it has proved itself only positive. The main scope of work is the sale of qualitative trainers for the most popular games in the world - Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive , thus making the games really easy and enjoyable. R8cheats.Ru is the most popular project in Russia and abroad. Due to the flexibility of trainers, you can play tournaments and mixes on any leagues and projects. All you need is to decide what kind of trainer you need and for what anti-cheat. Besides the simplicity of the trainer launching, we offer a centralized technical support, ready to answer all your questions at any time.

For your information

The software is protected with binding to hardware, and prevents it from public distribution, a further rebind of the light version costs 200 rubles for the same computer, while binding to another computer will cost as much as the new license. Full version for the same computer does not need a rebind.

We would like to note that Wallhack does not work on laptops with integrated Intel card (Aim and Esp Box works fine), so make sure that you have the Ati Radeon or Nvidia. All trainers are checked on their performance before being sold, which guarantees their functionality. Besides that, everyone who purchased the trainers can apply for registration on a closed forum, where they will receive online support and even more.